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How long does it take to complete a PSD to WordPress conversion?

The actual PSD to WordPress conversion depends on the number of project pages and the various additional features and functionalities which need to be installed. In general a PSD to WordPress conversion is completed between one day and three weeks. Please feel free to contact us in order for us to judge your project and to provide you a clear time indication.

What are the costs of a PSD to WordPress conversion?

The actual PSD to WordPress costs are based on the number of project pages which need to be converted and on the additional functionalities which need to be implemented. Most WordPress themes contain at least three pages as a result of which prices are in general ranging between €750 and €1500. Please feel free to contact us to request your personal project quote without any further obligations.

Can you install my WordPress theme on my server?

Upon completing the PSD to WordPress process we install the project on our own server allowing you to review the project and to provide your feedback. Upon resolving your feedback, we will give you the choice to receive the WordPress theme as single files or to have the theme installed on your server. Realizing your website’s server installation is done for free. Major part of our clients therefore opts for the free server installation.

Can I update my WordPress installation you created?

Major part of our delivered WordPress websites indeed allows WordPress installation updates. Once in a while WordPress installation updates aren’t possible because it concerns a very advanced website with various custom-made features for which we will have to adjust the core WordPress files in order to make updates. When updating is beyond your website’s possibilities we will for sure inform you in advance. If you are reluctant about updating your own WordPress website, we are of course at your service to perform this update on your behalf!

What about errors which are detected post project completion?

We feel very strongly about satisfied clients who are very happy with what we have delivered. If errors are detected post project completion, we will of course resolve these issues and errors for free. The when-factor in this case doesn’t really matter. No matter if you contact us one week or even three months after the actual completion, we will always resolve all bugs for free!
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