Dan Lara

Being a company owner leading dozens of designers I am well-positioned to stress the importance of a fully-functional website. Although a design can be stunning, converting the design into a functional Wordpress theme is at least equally important because a website’s functionality still surpasses a website’s appearance. A few days before our new product was going to be launched we became aware of our improper website functionality and we, as mad men, started a thorough search to a company which could convert a new layout to Wordpress taking into account our current website was already Wordpress supported. By Googling ‘psd to wordpress’ our eye immediately fell on psdtowordpress.com and thanks to their chat application I could easily explain our existing issue. They thought along and immediately assigned some developers to realize our project. They were so passionate about their profession they decided to also spend some evening hours working on our project in order to be able deliver the whole project by the afternoon of the next day. This way they managed to relieve our stress within a day, allowing us to properly focus on the launch of our new product. Because our previous webdesign conversion companies had not been able to offer us an immediate helping hand and because psdtowordpress.com exceeded our expectations with their fast as lightning service, we have decided to end our partnership with our previous partners and to go for a psdtowordpress.com partnership. We would like to thank PSDtoWordpress.com for offering a helping hand during our first project.

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