Shane Gates

I would like to tell you we were really blown away by all the functionalities which you managed to install on our new website. Our new website design was stuffed with parallax elements of which we weren’t even sure they could all be displayed. During the order process we clearly indicated the fact our design contained various parallax elements. After completing the order process we were contacted within 10 minutes by a friendly sales employee who was interested to know our thoughts about the parallax elements. After explaining our requirements and desires we were informed all of the elements could be realized. An answer which took us by surprise and which made us look forward to the end-result. We agreed a 15 working days deadline because the Wordpress theme contained about 20 pages. 3 Days before the due date we received a mail informing us our project had been completed and we were requested to perform a final review. What a pleasant surprise...3 days before the deadline! What made us even happier was the end-result which highly exceeded our expectations. Never in our wildest dream could we have hoped such advanced parallax effects. Being online for a while now, every day as well clients as website visitors are full of commendation for the marvelous lay-out, the user-friendly navigation and the stunning effects. As a webdesign bureau for which a website is like a business card there is no better way of promoting our business. As you will have noticed we have become a regular customer and we are at least once a weak appealing to your excellent services.

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