Tim Page

I have been in the marketing business for about 23 years, working for about 4 years as Executive Vice President, whereby I need to ensure the financial objectives of my renowned global marketing company are met. When I started as EVP, I noticed many people wondered whether we also developed websites. At that point I did some research and the analysis showed website development could become a vital part of our company. We did have the website design knowledge, but we lacked the actual development knowledge. This made me look for a company which could realize our webdesign to fully-functional website conversions and by appealing to psdtowp.net we immediately hit the bull’s eye. After our developers had submitted their first design to psdtowp.net for conversion we got really convinced of their expertise. After three years and many projects we have never been disappointed by psdtowp.net and our turnover has significantly increased because selling websites has become our core business. We couldn’t imagine doing business without psdtowp.net anymore.

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