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WordPress, the best CMS on the planet.

WordPress allows each user to manage texts, images, videos and other content in a user-friendly way. WordPress therefore is the ideal content management system (CMS) because no complicated HTML, CSS, Javascript or PHP code knowledge is required to maintain your website. WordPress once started as a blog CMS which has grown into an advanced CMS allowing the most complex websites to be managed in a user-friendly way. About 20% of all websites world-wide are driven by the WordPress CMS. This figure clearly shows the smooth and user-friendly functionality and management of this particular CMS.


Do(es) you or your employer have some new website webdesigns at hand and are you looking for a company to convert these webdesigns to a professional WordPress website? All of our PSD to WordPress developers have a multi-year PSD to WordPress conversion experience. This WordPress website experience results in deadlines being met time after time, overall browser, tablet and mobile phone compatibility, search engine optimized HTML and CSS resulting in higher page ranks and load time optimization making your website as fast as lightning.

Specialized PSD to WordPress developers

Choosing our company you can rest assured all of our developers realizing your projects dispose of a multi-year experience within the PSD to WordPress domain. Thanks to this multi-year experience we can guarantee you all WordPress themes will comply with the below standards:

  • A PSD identical WordPress website delivery
  • Perfect major browser website display and compatibility
  • A user-friendly admin panel
  • Future WordPress updates can be easily installed
  • Standard on-site search engine optimization and speed optimization

Why PSDtoWP.net should be your preferred partner

Thanks to our long-term PSD to WordPress conversion experience we have tackled all possible obstacles. Therefore we are capable of realizing the most complicated and extended webdesign conversions into fully-functional and easy-to-manage websites driven by the WordPress CMS. After completing the website’s server installation no technical knowledge is required to add content to your website or to adjust your website’s content.

No stress

Upon receiving your PSD files, you will be relieved from all your PSD to WordPress conversion stress. Before the set deadline you will receive a fully-functional WordPress theme which will be installed for free on your server. We relieve you from all your design conversion stress!

We work at the speed of light

Delivering high-quality WordPress themes will always be our main priority. Thanks to our developers’ multi-year PSD to WordPress conversion experience we are able to deliver all of our WordPress themes at the speed of light and with the highest quality possible.

PSDtoWP.net benefits

Lightning fast

Super-fast communication, no matter where you are!

Our clients highly value a super-fast and clear communication. Because we can well imagine the frustration you might experience when having to wait for your answer or when even getting no answer at all, we aim at perfection by always providing you an answer within a few hours. On working days our support team will be even able to answer all of your mails within the hour so you will never have to wait too long. During the weekends your questions, remarks or any other urgent case will be handled as soon as possible to avoid possible delays.

Would you prefer chatting with us or calling us instead of sending us a mail? No problem. During office hours our support team is always reachable by means of the chat application which can be found on our website. Besides the chat application you can also add us to Skype (psd2net). Feel free to chat with our support team via Skype and even don’t hesitate to schedule a Skype call in order to call us via Skype.

International customers

PSDtoWP.net is located in Groningen, The Netherlands, and is an internationally oriented company. Our list of customers mainly contains international customers, which makes us your ideal partner because we are able to manage a wide range of clients and different time zones. Our company is located within the Central European Time Zone, CET (UTC+1. To ensure an optimized client communication our support team is also reachable during evening hours.

Why WordPress is simply the best CMS…

Complete control

Complete control

Using WordPress CMS, no tricky code knowledge is required to adjust texts, images or any other website content. Because you dispose of a very user-friendly admin panel, page content can be easily adjusted, new pages can be easily added or existing pages can be easily removed.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization

WordPress CMS supported websites are standard well-found by the major search engines facilitating search engine optimization. Google SPAM’s team manager clearly advices WordPress as his preferred content management system for a reason.



Being an open source CMS, regular WordPress updates are available which offer your website and your website’s visitors continuous improved protection against hackers, spam and other insecure aspects. Your WordPress themes are realized update-proof by our developers, allowing you to update your WordPress at any time without endangering your website’s functionalities and display.



WordPress is available in more than 70 languages, allowing each user to set his or her proper language via the admin panel. Besides various plugins are at your disposal to offer your website in various languages to your visitors. Mainly international clients will benefit from these great features because it will be fairly easy to set multilingual website pages which will enhance the clarity of your website for all visitors.



No matter if you own a very simple website or an extremely complex one, WordPress has grown into one of the most advanced CMS systems and will therefore always be able to meet your requirements. Our experienced developers are able to realize any design to WordPress theme conversion as a result of which as well your simple design as your advanced design can always be converted to WordPress.



Thousands of free and paid plugins are available allowing you to easily add new features and functionalities to your website. Our developers are able to install all of the required and available plugins or at the same time to develop custom plugins if requested for that one exceptional feature which hasn’t been developed yet, which is a quite rare due to the huge amount of available plugins.

Open Source

Open Source

WordPress CMS is a so-called open source CMS. Open source means no license costs need to be paid. This CMS is maintained by thousands of volunteers which continuously ensure possible vulnerabilities are discovered in the blink of an eye and are also solved super-fast. Therefore we do recommend you to regularly update your WordPress CMS.

Easy to use

Easy to use

WordPress is extremely user-friendly and because our developers have a multi-year experience they are capable of tuning the most advanced website WordPress admin panel into a custom made admin panel allowing even people with little or no knowledge at all to maintain and manage your website.

Case studies

Please find below a small selection of the wide range of PSD to WordPress projects which we have realized so far in order to convince you of the top-notch quality you will receive as our customer. Click on ‘Show me more’ to display additional projects or click on ‘Show me all’ to display all projects.

The business card of a digital marketing company

When people or companies are looking for a company specialized in the field of digital marketing, their quest for a proper candidate almost always starts on the Internet and more specifically on Google. Therefore a digital marketing company’s website..


A stunning Wordpress website for marvelous software

We are very proud to present you our Content Verse PSD to Wordpress project. Content Verse has developed a content management software which allows users to scan documents in different kind of formats and with a wide variety of extensions..


Software for audio notes

When you are listening or viewing something important, like a PSD to Wordpress tutorial, it can be very useful to note down the provided information in order tob e able read through your notes at a later stage. Sometimes nevertheless, you won’t be able..


Responsive Wordpress theme for series addicts

Are you also a big fan of TV series like Homeland, Californication, Breaking Bad, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy or one of the other popular TV Series? AfterBuzz TV is an online network which uses its website to broadcasts live and recorded webcasts..


Responsive one page design including parallax effects

An innovative and advanced website containing the latest technological novelties. This website is not only a so-called one design website, but it also disposes of various parallax effects improving the user’s navigation experience when scrolling the website and of an advanced portfolio section with an improved..


Taking car tire sales to the next level

Safety while driving a car is of crucial importance and many people overlook the importance of some good car tires with regards to that same safety aspect. When having high-quality tires your braking distance will decrease, you will have a superior grip..


A marvelous one-page website for a marvelous initiative

Although we are always very proud about the PSD to Wordpress websites we deliver, there will always be websites which are unique on their own and which have a true added value which can be experienced by its visitors. One of these websites is the Green..


Our standards

To reassure a never-ending customer satisfaction all of our developers are dedicated to our company standards. These standards apply to all of our PSD to WordPress services in order to ensure the best possible quality and customer service.

Crossbrowser optimized

Logically as a website owner you would like each visitor to experience a similar WordPress theme design. Therefore all of our templates are optimized to reassure overall modern browser compatibility. Taking into account the never-ending technological evolution and the increasing number of mobile visitors we even take it one step beyond and ensure a perfect tablet and smartphone template display for all of your visitors.

Speed optimization

The longer visitors will stay on your website, the higher your conversion rate. Long webpage load times will make your impatient visitors flee your website at an early stage. Therefore it is of vital importance to minimize your website’s and consequently your webpages’ load time. To minimize your WordPress website load times we will optimize the speed of your website during our PSD to WordPress process. A website’s load time doesn’t only affect the conversion rate and the visitors’ surfing behavior but it also has an important effect on the actual search engine page rank.

SEO Optimized

All our WordPress developers are highly trained, have a multi-year experience and are at the cutting edge of new SEO standards, policies and technologies to reassure search engine optimized WordPress themes. Our knowledge and experience will lead to better search engine indexation and consequently to a higher search engine page rank.

Fast support and delivery

Because of our multi-year WordPress experience we can guarantee very strict deadlines in combination with top-notch quality. Besides our rapid project delivery we are always at your service to answer your questions or remarks. We aim to answer all of your questions within the same day to avoid response delays. In most cases we can even guarantee a one hour response rate because we feel very strongly about rapid communication.

W3C Valid

During the PSD to WordPress process we build the HTML and CSS as a first step, followed by a conversion to a fully functional WordPress theme. Our developers will always ensure HTML and CSS W3C validity. W3C validity is a means of control which monitors the correct use of all HTML and CSS elements. Search engines have a clear W3C valid website preference and besides, W3C valid HTML and CSS contribute to the future management simplicity of the website and ensure a proper display of the actual website across contemporary browsers of all kind.

Free jQuery and non-web fonts

Major part of all delivered PSD to WordPress projects involves jQuery animations like sliders and tabs. Besides jQuery animations, many designers make use of non-standard browser supported fonts which endanger browser compatibility. These non-web fonts appear in almost every delivered WordPress template and can be implemented through @font-face. To minimize the PSD to WordPress project costs all jQuery animation developments and non-web font implementation are delivered completely free of charge.

Client testimonials

After completing a WordPress project we always request customer feedback about our employees, our service and the delivered project. After the feedback has been submitted, the client is requested to provide an overall experience review. Find below a small selection of client reviews which have recently been submitted.


Ten times thank you! Your way of working is beyond imagination. As soon as I started surfing your website and scrolling your most recent projects..



I have been in the marketing business for about 23 years, working for about 4 years as Executive Vice President, whereby I need to ensure the..



I was using Google to search for a service which could convert my PSD files into a fully-functional Wordpress website. There is a wide range..



In my view the psdtowordpress.com employees have all been hired based on their skills and expertise. You have always been very patient and spent..



What a nice job! You have made me so happy. I submitted my project on a Monday afternoon and on Wednesday you managed to complete my two page..



I really love the way you have converted my PSD files to a Wordpress theme. My website’s functionality is marvelous and even my contact form does..



Thank you, thank you and thank you again. My new webshop is so stunning I can’t stop watching it. I can now start attracting clients and I hope..



Being a company owner leading dozens of designers I am well-positioned to stress the importance of a fully-functional website. Although a design..


Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete a PSD to WordPress conversion?

The actual PSD to WordPress conversion depends on the number of project pages and the various additional features and functionalities which need to be installed. In general a PSD to WordPress conversion is completed between one day and three weeks. Please feel free to contact us in order for us to judge your project and to provide you a clear time indication.

What are the costs of a PSD to WordPress conversion?

The actual PSD to WordPress costs are based on the number of project pages which need to be converted and on the additional functionalities which need to be implemented. Most WordPress themes contain at least three pages as a result of which prices are in general ranging between €750 and €1500. Please feel free to contact us to request your personal project quote without any further obligations.

Can you install my WordPress theme on my server?

Upon completing the PSD to WordPress process we install the project on our own server allowing you to review the project and to provide your feedback. Upon resolving your feedback, we will give you the choice to receive the WordPress theme as single files or to have the theme installed on your server. Realizing your website’s server installation is done for free. Major part of our clients therefore opts for the free server installation.

Can I update my WordPress installation you created?

Major part of our delivered WordPress websites indeed allows WordPress installation updates. Once in a while WordPress installation updates aren’t possible because it concerns a very advanced website with various custom-made features for which we will have to adjust the core WordPress files in order to make updates. When updating is beyond your website’s possibilities we will for sure inform you in advance. If you are reluctant about updating your own WordPress website, we are of course at your service to perform this update on your behalf!

What about errors which are detected post project completion?

We feel very strongly about satisfied clients who are very happy with what we have delivered. If errors are detected post project completion, we will of course resolve these issues and errors for free. The when-factor in this case doesn’t really matter. No matter if you contact us one week or even three months after the actual completion, we will always resolve all bugs for free!

Who we are

We are an international oriented web-development company based in The Netherlands. Our developers are specialized in PSD to WordPress theme conversions. We manage the full conversion process and only expect our clients to send their designs. We take away and manage the whole development process aimed at delivering a fully-functional WordPress website, when requested even installed on the customer’s server.

Reasons for choosing our company:

  • You do not experience stress;
  • You can focus on your core activities;
  • You have no Wordpress knowledge;
  • You do not fancy coding yourself.

Our objective is to turn new clients into returning clients. To achieve this objective we design high-quality WordPress themes, take into account the agreed deadline and feel very strongly about rapid communication. A satisfied customer is a loyal customer. No matter where you reside or which design you deliver, the sky is the limit and your project is our passion.


Start a project

Start your project now and let us handle the whole development process. We manage the whole PSD to WordPress process in the blink of an eye with quality as our key to success. A passionate team of professional WordPress developers is ready to start your project.

Fast and perfect quality

Fast and perfect quality

All of your webdesigns are converted at the speed of light into a top-notch quality and fully functional WordPress website.

Experienced professionals

Experienced professionals

As all of our developers are multi-year experienced WordPress experts, professionalism and quality are important parts of our company standards.

At the speed of light

At the speed of light

We are always at your service to answer all of your questions, concerns or anything else as soon as possible.

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